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A list of resources for people who want to investigate image-based Linux desktops

Awesome Immutable Awesome

image-based Linux desktops

This guide is for people looking for information on running image-based Linux distributions and associated tools and goodies. Note that these systems aren’t totally immutable, but no one would ever click on an awesome-anti-hysteresis list. For this list server distributions like CoreOS and Flatcar are not included. This list is intended for users who have been using traditional linux distributions on their desktop and need consolidated information.

Introductory Blogs

These should be enough to get you started:

Talks and Videos


The Future is Now(tm), try one of these today!


There historically have been a few versions of “toolbox”, and we’re probably at a point where it’s more of a class of software than an individual project. I classify toolboxes as “A terminal front end to container runtimes focusing on transparent ease of use of container images”. Someone smarter please make a better definition.

Core Tools

Things that are the building blocks for all the stuff we’re talking about here.

Lower level tools

Most of us will not use these tools directly, but useful for developers:

Integration Resources

aka. duct tape.

Configs from the Community

OSTree based systems allow for composable derivative distributions. If you’re automating the config on systems like this please PR your config to share:

Desktop Tours

Here are some people walking through their setups:




Things that don’t fit anywhere else but might be useful reference material


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first. We need more nix resources so if you have good ones please consider PRing one.

If you don’t know how to use git then file an issue and leave a link, I’ll integrate it into the list!

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